16oz. Candle, triple scented, fragrance comes in all scents available.


8oz Candle, triple scented, fragrances come in all scents available.

3 different size candles sizes.  All fragrances are available in these sizes

Candle melts come in a ziplock bag, each bag will contain up to 3oz.  each disk can last up to 3 to 5  days depending on your warmer.  triple scented available in all fragrances.

4oz Candle, triple scented, fragrance comes in all scents available. 

Candles can be made in layers as well, each color can be a different scent, these do cost extra but can be done.

Wax melters, oil warmer, electric, dimmer switch

liquor bottle Candles, bottle will depend on what is in stock can put any fragrance in these as well

Car Freshners, these are no wick candle melts just for car or dresser drawer.

Snap jewelry these is only a sample of what Joys Candles carries.  We have jewelry also for these buttons, bracelets, watches, necklaces and a lot more buttons. 

Joy's Candles LLC Lima, Ohio