Fragrance list

Alaskan Wild Berries -- Fresh blend of berries and spice      Angel Wings -- flowery mixture of wood and musk 

Apple Berry -- a mixture of apples and berries

Applewood Smoked Bacon -- carmelized bacon with a hit                                            of apple 

Autumn Harvest -- blend of gingerbread, cinnamon, and                              clove.

Baby Powder --Dewey rose, geranium are highlighted by                          subtle anise, bergomot, nestled in a pillow                        of white musk. 
Bacon --Smell just like that fragrance of morning breakfast

Balsom -- woodsy blend with pine, cedar, and light musk.

Baked Apple Pie -- cinnamon, apple and spices

Baked Bread -- the same great smell as taking a fresh loaf                         out of the oven       

Banana Nut Bread --  ripe bananas blended, sugary cake                                 batter then topped with walnuts. 

Bear  farts -- combination of berries and vanilla                  

Black Cherry -- strong aroma of fresh ripe black cherries.

Black ice -- masculine musky fragrance with a hint of mint      Blueberry Muffin -- blueberry muffins fresh out of the oven

Butt Naked -- A sensual blend of mango and coconut 

Butter Beer -- butterscotch and vanilla

Butter Cream -- blend of vanilla mixed with buttery,                                   buttercream frosting.

Butter Rum -- buttercream vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and                       clove.

Candy Apple -- Sweet fresh apple scent

Candy Cane -- peppermint and sugar

Caramel Apple -- fresh apple, carmel, and buttercream

Caramel Pear -- Carmel and pears

Carnation -- blend of roses and heather   

Cedar -- scent of cedar and vanilla musk

Cherry Float -- blend of cherry and cola

Cherry Lemonade -- blend of cherry and lemons

Chestnut Brown Sugar -- chestnuts covered in brown sugar

Chocolate Chip Cookie -- chocolate, vanilla that smell just                                       like you just made them in the                                          oven

Cinnabun -- freshly baked cinnamon rolls covered in butter.   Cinnamon --  smells like the cinnamon candies

Cinnamon stick -- cinnamon in a delicious apple pie or                                breakfast rolls.

Cinnamon toast - A melt in your mouth sweet, buttery, and                           spicy fragrance.

Citronella - A distinctive Indonesian Herb used naturally                       toward repelling insects  

Coconut - smells like a fresh cracked coconut

Coconut Pineapple - fresh cracked coconut, with a hint of                                pineapple

Coffee -- smells just like you brewed a fresh pot in the                      morning           

Cool Water - A calming mixture of crisp rain with a hint of                       lemon zest.

Cotton Candy - The fabulous aroma of sweet spun sugar                            deliciousness.

Cranberry - smells like fresh cranberries

Creme Brulee - Vanilla cream custard drizzled with honey,                         brown sugar, and nutmeg.

Cucumber Melon - A subtle blend of cucumber and                                      honeydew 

Cut Grass - smells just like you just mowed the yard

Daffodil - The fragrant aroma of a fresh spring daffodil.

Dragon’s Blood  -A blend of amber with undertones of musk                         and patchouli.

Dreamsicle - A yummy blend of fresh citrus and creamy                         vanilla.

Eucalyptus - A stimulating scent to awaken the senses.

Eucalyptus Spearmint - cool minty scent with a hint of                                         Eucalyptus

Fresh Linen - airy scent of fresh and clean like on a                               clothesline

Fresh and Clean - airy scent of fresh and clean

Fruit Fruit Salad - A yummy blend of fresh citrus and creamy                        vanilla.

Fruit loops - smells just like the cereal

Fresh Berries Variety - just like fruit strawberries, blueberries

Gain - smells like the laundry soap

Gardenia - smells just like the flower

Ginger - A sharp peppery aromatic ginger root scent.

Ginger Lime - just like ginger with a hint of lime

Ginger Orange - just like ginger with a hint of orange

Grandma’s Kitchen - sweet cinnamon and clove

Grandpa’s Garden - lily's and gardenia

Granny’s Pecan Pie - blend of pecans, spices, and creamy                              caramel. 

Grape - a hint of grape exclusive to joys candles


Holly Berry - A combination of holly, pine and tart red                           berries with a touch of cinnamon to give it a                     bit of a twist. 

Honeysuckle - Accords of spicy rose and sweet jasmine                         blanket the warm blossoms of sun-kissed                           honeysuckle

Hot Buckeye Maple Toddy - A warm, creamy drink with                        notes of maple and rum combined with a                          buttery, creamy vanilla and caramelized sugar,

Hydrangea - smells just like the flower

Island Getaway - fresh air and coconuts

Island Mango Coconut - fresh air, mango and coconuts

Jamaica Me Crazy 

Japanese Cherry Blossom - cherries and sandalwood

Jasmine - smells like classic notes of gentle rose romance                   your heart.         

Jasmine Orchidia - A floral blend of jasmine and orchid


Kewpee -- joys candles exclusive smells like a kewpee                      burger designed by joy

Lavender - smell just like the flowers

Lemon Grass - smells like lemon with a hint of grass

Lemon -- smells like the citrus

Library -- smells like you stepped in a store with books

Lick Me All Over - The sweet scent of a rainbow swirly                                 lollipop

Lilac  - just like the flower     

Lily of the Valley - Airy lily and delicate notes of jasmine                              and hyacinth are exquisitely arranged in                            this truly fragrant affair

Luna - A fun blend of raspberries and sweet pea with a hint           of jasmine.

Macintosh Apple - just like the red delicious apples

Magnolia - just like the flower  

Maple Pancakes - just like the morning pancakes topped                               with maple syrup

Midsummer - A energizing masculine musky combination.

Monkey bombs - Bananas, cocunut, and pineapple   

Moose Farts - vanilla and chocolate

Mulberry - just like the fruit

Neverland - A woodsy blend of honeysuckle and a hint of                     cannabis leaf.

Noah -- joys candles exclusive only designed by joy

Ocean Breeze - clean and fresh breeze with a hint of mint

Orange Blossom - Tangy citrus and honeysuckle

Paper - smells like a pack of notebook paper

Patchouli - A woody aroma of patchouli leaves with a                        sophisticated musk background  

Peach -- smells like the fruit

Peony - A clean romantic, powdery floral.          

Peppermint - strong peppermint refreshing scent

Peppermint Stick - peppermint and snowcream

Peppermint Swirls - peppermint and buttercream

Pine - fresh pine tree

Pineapple  - like the fruit 

Plum - just like the fruit




Pumpkin Souffle

Pumpkin Spice



Rose - just like the flower


Salted Caramel


Sex on the Beach

Shoe fly pie - malosses, nutmeg, cinnamon and sugar


Spearmint -- smells just like a pack of minty gum

Storm Watch 

Strawberry - smells just like the fruit

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cream 

Sugar Cookies   

Summer Citrus


Sweet Pea

Thunder Storm 

Trix -- smell s just like the cereal    

Tropical Paradise

Twigs and Berries


Vanilla Cupcakes 



White Berries

Winter Candy Apple 

Witches Brew

Zucchini Bread - smells just like you make the bread

                              Mens Line

2x4                       Burnt Rubber              Diesel

Fireside                  First Down                 Formula 1

Gasoline                Gun Powder              Hayride

Hickory                  Leather                     Man Town Motor Oil               Pizza                       Riding Mower

Tobacco                Tobacco Black Cherry

Woodsmoke           Black Cherry Whiskey