What is Joys Candles about.

 Joys Candles is a home based business based out of Lima, Oh.  I have been making hand made candles for approximately 10 years.  I have recently just changed my formula to make them smell even better than ever before.  I opened my business in 2015 we do alot of craft and vendor shows in the local area.


I am Joy.  I am very pleased to meet everyone.  I make each and every candle and melt by Hand, in my kitchen.  I have been making candles for nearly 10 years now.  I put a lot of work into each candle and candle melt that I make.  I try to make each one the way I want them to smell.  


This is my Daughter - Amber.  She helps me at all the different craft/vendor shows that we do.  She also helps come up with some different candle Ideas.  She is also the one that helps keep up my email list, Facebook page, Etsy store.  She is my personal Computer technologist.  


This is my mom - Jan.  She helps me at all my shows take care of customers, along with making some of the items in my booth, store for the little kids.  Mom also helps me look and book all my shows for the year.  She is my helper in a lot of ways, she will help take orders, watch over the booth if I need to step away and when at home she is one of the people that help me by bag up my candle melts and put labels on them as well, along with so much more.